T's Touch

Welcome to T's Touch! We are conveniently located in Surprise, AZ. T's Touch offers full body Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) treatments. Our treatments consist of a wide variety of procedures. We offer three kinds of low level light therapy, and five wave links, as many do not, we discovered that this is the best efficient approach to healing your skin, muscles injuries, pets, acne, along with many other health conditions. T's Touch uses medical grade and FDA Approved devices for the best personal results from each and every treatment. T's Touch was inspired by the process and technology of Photobiomodulation (PBM) or Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT), and was driven to bring light to the friends and family we have here in Surprise, AZ.

We aim to meet the quality of a true therapy session and discovered most of our competitors minimize your experience! Other competitors focus on spot-source therapy for this type of therapy treatment, and charge WAY more than T's Touch. Here at T's Touch you get your FULL benefit as we specialize in Full Body Photobiomodulation Therapy treatments or also known as LLLT. As for some other competitors they as well used Light Therapy Wraps to treat certain sources, but wraps tend to never put off the light quality these treatments require in order to see progress with the condition you are treating.

Book your appointment with T's Touch! We offer the healthiest form of sunshine to your skin, and therapy sessions only last 10-20 minutes. How quick is that?! Check us out on Facebook as well and read more about what everyone is saying about Red/ Blue/ and Infrared Light Therapy. We guarantee your days will shine brighter, and your hard work will show.